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At Dabbagh Deri, we guarantee the finest Australian sheepskin and pride ourselves on our unrivalled

customer service. With headquarters situated in Melbourne, Australia and outposts across

the Middle East, we oversee the process from raw sheepskin to supply chain,

and are dedicated to ensuring sustainability and

quality of our products at all times.


Our Australian Sheepskin is distributed to fashion industry leaders across the globe, expertly crafted into everything from luxury outerwear to footwear and accessories. Our premium skins are regularly seen gracing fashion catwalks across the globe.


We are proud to work closely with other wide ranging industries in which sheepskin serves as an integral element, including baby care and medical products, interior decoration and home furnishings. Our premium fur and leather is processed to the highest standards to ensure designers and manufacturers can achieve the finest results.


At Dabbagh Deri, we are committed to a more sustainable future for our planet. We operate with complete transparency and are dedicated to choosing eco-friendly alternatives wherever possible. Sheepskin is a naturally sustainable product; our skins are a by-product of the meat industry.

Our tanneries harness the renewable power of solar energy, combined with non-toxic chemicals which can be processed for recycling at source.


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