Our shearling is crafted from sheep and lamb skin and combines both the wool and skin of the animal hide. Created by tanning a hide with the wool attached, this durable material is ideal for crafting cold-weather garments such as coats and outerwear.

Double Face

Double face or double sided leather is widely used in the fashion industry for garments, boots, gloves and hats. This leather has two uniquely finished sides; one wool and the other suede. The wool can be ironed or left curly, and can be either long or short while the suede side can be nappalan coated or sprayed.


The thickest and most sumptuous of shearlings, our curly sheepskin and lambskin brings warmth and irresistible comfort to garments and shoes. Defined by a textured feel and finish, this skin is a timeless and iconic material.


Astrakhan is a tightly curled fleece taken from the young karakul lamb. Immediately recognisable for its tight, whorled, looped surface with a subtle sheen, it is widely used across garments and interiors.

Our sheepskin rugs are made exclusively from Australian sheepskins. These premium rugs are an ultra-soft and stylish choice for interiors. Completely natural and luxuriously dense, our sheepskin rugs add a beautifully elegant accent of texture and warmth to your home.


Our shoe lining collection is ultra-soft, fluffy and highly durable. A robust material perfect for footwear, our linings are breathable and less likely to retain moisture than other materials. This leather conforms to the shape of the foot, meaning less chafing and a more comfortable fit.

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